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A 5 minute chat with Foresight Data

June 28th 2021

How did you start your company? 

I started as a contractor working with existing contacts at mine in my previous role.  I built  a couple of subscription forecasting and life time value products and steadily grown from there.  Employee number 5 starts in a couple of weeks and number 6 in September.

What are you working on at the moment? 

Helping clients through their budgets for FY 2022.  The pandemic has put more pressure on marketeers and finance teams and we are helping our subscription based clients through this with our financial modelling.

What do you like about Ovic?

Flexibility of being able to move to bigger/smaller offices whenever your company grows.  The fact it is all in – cleaning, reception cost, car parking etc.  Friendly staff.

What projects/ambitions do you have for the future of your company? 

Aim is to branch out from just magazine and newspaper subscription clients into other subscription products (food boxes, TV, leisure etc).  Aim is to continue our growth of 1 FTE per year, which we’ve achieved the last 5 years.


July 11th 2023

Workshops to demystify artificial intelligence for companies

AiLab (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), co-founded in Australia by AI specialists Dr John Flackett and Emma Berry, is establishing its UK presence with Southampton’s Ocean Village Innovation Centre (OVIC), the serviced offices provider for innovation businesses.

December 9th 2019


How a start-up consultancy is generating jobs here at flourishing Ocean Village Innovation Centre in Southampton. […]